Tantara Farms
Ingredients for sharing life around the table.
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About Tantara Farms

Learn a little bit about the owners of Tantara Farms and how it all began. 


About Tantara Farms

The reason behind starting Tantara Farms is love. Love of shared experiences around the table. Love of bringing people together. Love of trying new things and the memories that creates. Love of life-giving ingredients that make you feel better and bring a smile to your face. 

Our hope is that as you shop with us, you have a chance to try new things, and that they create an opportunity to share life with those you love. Whether it's talking about your day over a cup of coffee or tea, or trying a new recipe with our varieties of herbs and spices, our hope is that they all bring you joy and bring you close to those that you love. 


Meet the Owners



Coffee-Fanatic. Lover of adventure. And a general enthusiast for life and family. You will see his face most often at the store. Also in the picture are his wife Jaime (hi!), and sweet daughter, Winnie and son Cohen. As a family, we're excited to share in this experience with you all!

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Visionary. Entrepreneur. And a well-rounded business man. Keith can be found at the store on his free time. (He's also Clayton's father-in-law, so feel free to say all nice things about Clayton to him!) Also in the picture is the kindest woman you'll meet-his wife Laurel. 

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Behind the Name

Tantara Farms is named after the Tennessee farm that belonged to Carolyn Thomas. She was the baby sister to owner Keith Williams (aunt to Jaime-Clayton's wife) and she passed away in 2011 from cancer. She had a zest for life like no other, and brought joy to all she met. She was always one who loved to try new things, and made sure that everything had a story. We are thrilled to be able to honor her in this way, as we hopefully provide you with opportunities to experience the joy and zest of life through the coffee, teas, herbs, spices and oils we offer.