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8 Great Ways to Use Flavored Salts



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Flavored Salts. How do I use that? That's the number one question we hear about our flavored salts, so I'm here today to give you some ideas on how to use them. 

Flavored salts can be used to make subtle flavor additions to your meal, or can help to completely transform a meal. The process by which our salts are infused with flavor is one that causes each salt granule to be bound with the natural flavoring causing a unique way to kick up a dish. 

So here's a few tips when it comes to using the flavored salts:

1. Don't overthink it. The fun about having flavored salts is that you discover knew ways to use them, and can get creative with them. 

2. They can be used for a garnish, or could be used in the cooking process as well. 

3. Moderation is key. Though they are full of flavor, to avoid over salting your dishes, start with a little, and go from there! Taste test to make sure you aren't over-salting.

Flavored salts allow you the chance to get creative in your cooking, and just because it's salt, don't disregard it's ability to be used with sweet treats as well! Sweet and Savory has never been so easy. 

Without further ado, our 8 suggestions for using our Tantara Farms Flavored Salts. 

1. TURN UP THE HEAT. Our Ghost Pepper Salt, Chipotle Salt, or Spicy Curry Salt are excellent ways to kick up the heat on a dish. Add them to fajitas, buffalo wings, creamy pastas, nuts, cheeses, eggs. You really can't go wrong if you're looking to turn up the heat on your dish. 

2. YOUR GREENS. Try using our salts on your salad, or veggies. You could use our Roasted Garlic, Sun Ripened Tomato, or Toasted Onion Sea Salts. Using sea salt on your salad rather than in the dressing provides a crisp crunch that doesn’t overpower the fresh vegetables.  

3. YOUR NOODLES. Think outside the jar of sauce! Noodle dishes deserve a little culinary creativity too, from lo mein to linguini. Thai Ginger and Spicy Curry sea salt go nicely with Asian noodles in light soy marinades. Not to be outdone, round out the rich flavors of Italian pasta dishes, too. Spanish Rosemary and Roasted Garlic complement any tomato base.

4. YOUR SNACKS. Spanish Rosemary works magic on homemade pretzels. Try any of our hot varieties, like Ghost Pepper or Chipoptle Sea Salt, on guacamole, oven-roasted nuts, or get creative with your own Chex-Mix concoction.

5. YOUR BREAD AND CHEESE. To melt your cheese-mongering heart, try a creamy goat cheese, brie, or even just plain whipped cream cheese with our Sun Ripened Tomato or Chipotle sea salt; just avoid choosing a cheese that is already heavily salted like a Parmesan, Romano, or Asiago. And while the bread is right next to the cheese plate, you may as well sprinkle some Roasted Garlic sea salt or Toasted Onion Sea Salt  in the olive oil. Just imagine how you could step your grilled cheese game up with our flavored salt options!

6. YOUR SWEET TREATS. Try Espresso Brava on cheesecake or Thai Ginger on vanilla ice cream. Get creative and enjoy a whole new way to approach dessert.

7. YOUR MEAT AND TATERS. It’s no secret that salting meat before cooking retains its moisture, so why not use a  flavored salt. You can flavor your rib eye with Espresso Brava or roast chicken with Spanish Rosemary, all while preserving its natural juices. You can salt your mashed potatoes with Roasted Garlic Sea Salt or Toasted Onion. 

8. YOUR FISH. Enjoy plump sea scallops gently seared and then garnished with our Matcha sea salt. Add a smokey flavor with our Alderwood Smoked Salt. 

These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg. But you can't do any of it, if you don't have any of the Tantara Farms flavored Sea Salts. So come in today and pick some up!