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Brussels Sprouts with Onion and Bacon

Brussels Sprouts Tantara Farms

Brussels Sprouts with Onion and Bacon


Brussels Sprouts don't always make the top of the list as people's favorite food item. I think they're one of those things where you either love them or despise them. For the longest time I found myself in the latter category. My earliest memory of brussels sprouts was when I was probably 7 or 8 and my mom made them at dinner one night. They were SO bitter (no offense to my mom-she's an AMAZING cook!). Typically the rule at the dinner table was you had to eat what was on your plate, even if you didn't like it, and my dad-as most dads are-was the enforcer of this rule. Thankfully, it took him one bite for him to say "kids, you don't have to finish those brussels sprouts"!!! We all had a mini celebration, and proceeded to give the scraps of dinner to the dog; when Scout wouldn't even eat them, we knew we were justified in our dislike of brussels sprouts, because he ate EVERYTHING. I carried that impression of brussels sprouts well into my adult life until just this year. I had a bottle of the Tantara Farms Garlic EVOO and wanted to try something fresh with it. I got this wild hair to cook brussels sprouts with it! And let me tell you, I'm now a believer! Put me in the former category of loving brussels sprouts. They're now a go-to side item at dinner time for me, so that's why they made the cut of this weeks #mondaymeal inspiration for you! So check out this recipe....

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