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Balsamic Glazed Caprese Chicken

Oh my! I'm excited to share this #mondaymeal with you. It is DELICIOUS, and quite possibly a new favorite in the Lile household. It's adapted from a recipe found on Cafedelites, but the great thing about our 25 Star Dark Balsamic that is used instead of regular balsamic, is that you don't have to take the time to make it a reduction. It's already so thick and sweet from being aged longer! It can even be drizzled on top at the end if you prefer. 

So, you start by mixing up the seasonings and then coating each side of the chicken. Then you brown each side in a pan. 

Seasoned Chicken browning in pan

Then you heat your garlic and your Tantara Farms 25 Star Dark Balsamic to ready it for being poured over your chicken in a baking dish. I tried to make sure I completely coated each side of the chicken. Then I added 1 cup of the tomatoes and placed it in the oven to bake. 

Chicken ready for the oven

Thirty minutes later.......

Chicken out of the oven

Top it with the mozzarella and return it to the oven until it's melted. Then you garnish it with the remaining grape tomatoes sliced in half and the fresh basil, and I drizzled some of the glaze from the baking dish over top of it. It was SO good. Clayton typically doesn't like baked chicken recipes because they end up dry, or just take forever to cook, but he loved this one! And searing the chicken before baking it really seems to help with the cook time, and helps it to remain a moist chicken. 

Balsamic Glazed Caprese Chicken

Balsamic Glazed Chicken Recipe

And there's your #mondaymeal!

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We hope this recipe provides you with the opportunity to share life around the table with those you love!