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Air Roasted Coffee

Shop the freshest air-roasted coffee in Springfield. 

air roasted cofee

Air roasted coffee

Tantara Farms offers custom ordered, air roasted coffee. Choose from our selection of green coffee beans from around the world, select your preferred roast, and let us air-roast it for you. Available for pickup 24-48hrs later.

You can also choose from our selection of pre-roasted coffee for a treat to take home that day.

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El Salvador-Strong Tower

El Salvador-Strong Tower


In the cup, it has a light, creamy body and a well balanced flavor with a rich aroma. This coffee is a Bourbon Arabica, grown high in the mountains under natural shade canopy. In the center of the coffee fields is Strong Tower Children's Home. This is a direct trade coffee and a means of self support for the home. 

Altitude: 2,500-5,000ft

8oz bag

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