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Enjoy more tea on the go with our 500ml travel infuser. The toasTEA stainless steel construction will keep your tea hot (or cool, if you prefer) for hours, and you may open its spring-loaded lid with just one hand. To use: fill three-quarters of the way with water (water line below the removable stainless steel infuser) and place leaves inside the infuser basket. Flip the unit upside-down for a thorough, flavorful infusion. Once infused, flip right-side up to separate spent leaves from water and prevent your tea from turning bitter. Travel far and wide with quality freshly-brewed tea! Please note: This tumbler is exceptionally well-insulated, with a vacuum-tight seal. It will keep your tea very hot, sometimes for several hours. Please sip carefully to avoid burning your mouth! In addition, be sure to open the cap away from your face when tea has been steeping, to avoid any escaping pressurised steam.

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