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Kick up your cooking a notch by incorporating flavored sugars and salts. You can choose from a wide selection of quality sugars and salts that we have. 

Roasted Garlic Sea Salt

Roasted Garlic Sea Salt


Not your ordinary garlic salt:   Roasted Garlic Sea Salt simply fuses real roasted garlic with all-natural sea salt using   exclusively-developed process for an intensely aromatic and flavorful seasoning. Capturing the deliciously rich taste of the roasted garlic, this essential variety offers an enticing aroma and unmistakable, authentic flavor unrivaled by any other option on the market. All natural with zero additives or artificial flavors, our Roasted Garlic Sea Salt boasts perfect texture, moisture & balance lending itself to a variety of applications, from finishing and topping, cooking and dry brining, to rubs and marinades. Wholesale Roasted Garlic Sea Salt is available in bulk for food service use, manufacturers, repackaging projects and more. From the top of a pretzel to the commercial kitchen, this salt is a savory staple.


1oz per pack

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