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Kick up your cooking a notch by incorporating flavored sugars and salts. You can choose from a wide selection of quality sugars and salts that we have. 

Sun Ripened Tomato Sea Salt

Sun Ripened Tomato Sea Salt


  Sun Ripened Tomato Sea Salt is made using   exclusive Fusion process by combining whole, ripe tomatoes and pure, natural sea salt to deliver the ultimate savory tomato flavor. In addition to its beautiful color, Sun Ripened Tomato Sea Salt is unique for its surprisingly intense, fresh tomato flavor. All natural with zero artificial additives, this staple variety pairs nicely with dishes that include artichoke, garlic, onion, butter, olive oil, or basil, and it’s a staple choice for the Italian restaurant kitchen or food manufacturer. Also delicious in spice blends, the natural texture of this salt lends itself well to topical & finishing applications on everything from savory snacks to fresh bruschetta. 


1oz per pack

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