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Kick up your cooking a notch by incorporating flavored sugars and salts. You can choose from a wide selection of quality sugars and salts that we have. 

Toasted Onion Sea Salt

Toasted Onion Sea Salt


  Toasted Onion Sea Salt is the perfect medley of clean, solar evaporated sea salt and real, toasted onion, creating a rich and nuanced ingredient that is both familiar and elevated in this delicious seasoning.    This is an all-natural ingredient that contains no additives, colorants or artificial ingredients. A popular flavor profile with wholesale customers from manufacturers to restaurateurs, bulk Toasted Onion Sea Salt is comprised of textured crystals, ideal for spice blends and topping packaged snack food products. For food service customers, this salt also dissolves quickly and evenly in sauces and soups, and is perfect for finishing off roasted chicken and other comfort food dishes. Kosher certified and utterly delicious, wholesale Fusion® Toasted Onion Sea Salt offers unmatched, all-natural quality and with every order.


1oz per pack

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