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Air Roasted Coffee

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air roasted cofee

Air roasted coffee

Tantara Farms offers custom ordered, air roasted coffee. Choose from our selection of green coffee beans from around the world, select your preferred roast, and let us air-roast it for you. Available for pickup 24-48hrs later.

You can also choose from our selection of pre-roasted coffee for a treat to take home that day.

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Guatemalan Antigua

Guatemalan Antigua


Richly complex, aromatic, smoky, spicy.

Tucked away in a valley and nestled between three volcanoes, lies beautiful Antigua, Guatemala; it is in this climatically diverse region that you find the local farmers growing some of the world's finest coffee. This region is perfect for cultivating coffee; with ample rainfall, elevations reaching 4,600ft, and a constant humidity of 65%, it makes absolute sense for coffee to be the number one industry in Guatemala. 

Altitude: about 4,600ft

8oz bag

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